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Play / Drill Creation

Play / Drill Creation

Customize plays and drills for Offense, Defense and Special Teams easily with this fully customizable tool.

  • Plays and drills you customize can be played, paused, reset and re-edited
  • Multiple colors to differentiate between offense, defense and other actions
  • Make copies or reverse plays easily for use as templates
  • Email the plays you have customized

Playbook Function

Keep your plays organized and easy to find.

  • Create playbooks. Each play created can be integrated into multiple playbooks
  • Customize playbooks for use against certain schemes and integrate into Game Time Function ™
  • Create Plays for Offense, Defense and Special Teams
Play / Drill Creation
Play / Drill Creation

Practice Function

Make the most of limited practice time.

  • Integrate your plays, play books and drills into the practice function
  • Time each drill or section of practice for efficiency and flow
  • Create a separate practice script for each position group within each practice
  • Save and modify your practices for future use

Game Time Function

Makes game prep and live game action easy to manage.

  • Script your game on Offense, Defense and Special Teams
  • Make In-Game adjustments to your script during live action to adapt to your opponent
  • Save your entire game script with in-game adjustments and create a playbook to review, re-use and adjust for future opponents
  • Track Game Clock, Play Clock, and Time-Outs
Play / Drill Creation

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